Monday, August 14, 2006

Art Talk: what do i think about art... theres many points of view. Depends on the art i'm viewing i guess. There may be quality art that i may really admire, or some abstract art that rather confueses and bores me. There's some that amuse me greatly, or some so outrageous it makes me want to smack the artist. There's this tought that comes to my mind often. That artists, any type, musical or visual, becomes known and famous after their death. In fact i did not know any famous artists in this modern age until i learned them at this camp. But i still don't think they'll be as famous as the masters that lived way before. I read this fiction story about this group a long ago who complained that the art that one of the member made wasn't appreciated enough, even though it was great. So one of them, knowing that dead artists becomes more famous suggests that they fake the artist's death. Soon the arts sold for extreme amount of money and they becam rich, but the artist had to disguise his identity from then on. The artists that i've seen during the issues and images class, most of them are lunatics. It's hard to tell what they're thinking and that's rather frustrating. I was very surprised when some people said they understood the meaning of the strange movie we saw. Sure there is no definite meaning, but it's so vague to connect those events with definite or some abstract thoughts and emotions. Oh yeah, also, i really don't get the naked body stuff.


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