Monday, August 14, 2006

Artist Statement! Boo ya!

I became interested in art in the preface of my childhood. I was learning everyday--useful information---for instance, which objects not to put in my mouth, or learning left from right, but most importantantly, learning how to draw. My two older brothers are what the public calls "comic book nerds," and they were my role models at the time. They drew muscly men, smashing through walls and holding guns. I took these examples, and used them to observe all the humans around myself. I've been drawing people ever since.
Like any other child at the time, I liked to draw what I witnessed, like my family. But after a while, I began my own series of comics. I've still kept them all, and I like to study them from time to time. My most constant comic was the character "Lily" who had 7 brothers and sisters. After a while, Lily became a real person to me.
These cartoonish drawings were all that I ever drew until middle school. Over the years, my drawings became more realistic. Sometimes, I would spend weeks at a time working on one body part in particular. When I went to middle school, I realized my full potential for drawing, and it was there that I learned how to paint.
Today, I have gone through three years of my high school teacher Ms. Leary's intense art classes. She has pushed me to become a real artist. I can now think more conceptually, and I can work in many different mediums. I made two series last year, my first took me back to my roots. I created seven portraits of my friends, in all different mediums, as superheros. They took on different powers according to their different interests and personalities. For instance, my friend Elena works with animals in real life, so her super power was to tranform into the animal of her choice. My second series was more simplistic. It was ten portraits of my friends, all in acrylic paint, using color and composition to express their emotion. Overall, I spent the year improving figures, which has always been my greatest fascination.
I continue to grow as an artist, and I try new art forms all the time. I have no plans for what's coming next, but life changes so fast--with college coming soon, my life is turning upside down--I'm excited for the future.


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