Monday, August 14, 2006

Artist Statement

I didn't wake up one morning and decide to do art; there was nothing that all of a sudden make me want to do art. Art has just always been around me, like food and air and all that jazz. My dad was in art school for about ten years, studying all sorts of weird stuff and then finally becoming an architect. Because of that, I grew up designing huge cities out of blocks, complete with railroads and skyscrapers. But art is just a piece of me. My mother, the artisticly-challenged, raised me with words, not blocks. I was reading in preschool, maybe before, and every night she would read me a book before bed. Just as art is a part of me, so are words and stories. Another part of me is my music. I live and breathe music, just like words and art. Always, in my mind, music is playing. So, for me, art isn't all of who i am, just a little part.

I love art because it enables me to express myself, just as words and music do. I started getting into really expressing myself in about eighth grade. I had a lot of problems back then with people not really accepting who I was, what my race was, and all that stuff. I wanted people to know me for real, so I tried to tell them, first through poetry, then drama, music, art, stories. Also, I guess art is really soothing to me. Take ceramics for example. It's really nice to handle the clay after a really stressful day because it's so responsive and so organic. Going on the wheel is kind of hypnotizing; you kind of get lost in it and forget about everything after a while.

Okay, I'm done. Later.


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