Monday, August 14, 2006

Artist Statement
I've only been focussing on art for a short time, basically just for a few months this year. Before that I was expected to go to Yale due to my good grades. Due to changing schools three times within a year, my grades went down and my interest in school dropped dramatically. So I started doing what I wanted to do more, singing and drawing. I was never really serious about drawing at that point. It would be simple things like photoshopping images, tribal tattoo-ish designs, and some poorly proportioned sketches that I usually never finished.
That's the background. My idea of art now is completely different than what I had thought before. I began realizing how much I enjoyed it and how many different things I wanted to learn. So far I have tested myself with figure drawing, computer graphics, stained glass, ceramics, photography (black+ white, color, and pinhole), interior and fashion design, jewellery, woodworking, glass, and now I'm taking metal working and printmaking at Massart. Obviously, I've tried a lot of things, leading me to know a little about everything, but nothing impressive. I've enjoyed them all but there are deffinately a few I liked more than others and want to do more with. The woodworking I had done in the past was mostly as furnature and jewellery boxes. Now I want to try to blend the skills I learned in the past with a new artist mindset. I'd also really like to work with blowing glass more, as I only had a short amount of time to try it.
As you can tell, art has become something that takes up a lot of my time. It's something that I can be proud of an continue working on. I can zone out for hours and be completely immersed in what I'm doing, something very impressive for a girl with intense A.D.D. I love that it's something I feel strongly about and that it can be combined with other things I feel strongly about. Art is also something I can share with my friends. Teaching them and seeing how much fun we're both having is a really good feeling.
I guess one of the main reasons why I love art so much is that I can show my life, thoughts, and feelings through it. It tracks the progress and work I've done both as an artist and as a person. It's encouraging every time I do something I'm proud of, or compare my art from the past with my current art and seeing the improvement. It's something I can never get bored of.


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