Monday, August 14, 2006

Artist Statement
My work is focused on creating an emotion and conveying that emotion to the viewer. I am always observing people. I have a fascination with inner emotions, and the facade that one builds around them to conceal these feelings. Drawing is my prefered medium, but recently I have branched out to painting in watercolors and acryllics. I enjoy the dark and shadowed effect that charcoal can give to a piece of art. My work mainly consists of drawings from my imagination. Because I read fantasy and science fiction books, my artwork often displays fictional creatures such as vampires. I like to escape from reality and delve into other worlds, whether it is by drawing or reading. Vampires fascinate me because they are immortal yet they are often lonely and isolated. Loneliness and isolation are significant themes in my artwork. They often fuel my imagination because I am constantly reflecting on my own life and putting it down as drawings. I have been trying, for some time now, to write a vampire story, but I haven't made very much progress. Snipits of scenes for this story will come to mind when I am bored or simply thinking, as I often do, and I keep these full-page drawings in my sketchbook. My sketchbook is basically a record of my emotions and thoughts of the past couple of years.


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