Monday, August 14, 2006

An Artist's Statement brought to you by a friendly neighbor...

This "Artist's Statement" fiasco is a funny business, partially because I personally do not believe a few sentences and witty phrases can encompass the whole breadth of the soul of an artist's endeavor, but also because I feel as a human being I have barely even begun living. With a limited repertoire of experiences, to write a statement dictating what I believe, what I feel, and what I pursue in my art and how it impacts my life would seem presumptuous and pretentious. Afterall, my life is just beginning; too short of a sprout to be cut down as of now. The biggest flop would actually not come in the form of sounding egotistical, but contradictory. I think I perhaps have some very bad luck, and I set myself up for it. If I say right now, "this is what I do, and what I will do, and this is what I will definitely NOT do..." the bloody chances are, I might end up doing it. Perhaps its because my youth attracts fickleness (and I would not be alone on that account), perhaps its superstition, and perhaps it happens because I want it to. It seems that the only consistent pattern in what artwork I have finished is that it always seems to mock me, even if by the most subtle standards that only the artist could pick out; it's like painting a portrait of the devil's advocate and his obnoxious smiles. For instance, I would declare that I shall not use this failure of a color called "peach" to color flesh, only to find that a few days later I'm picking up the dreaded color and secretly shading it in to the canvas. Or I would declare that I do not believe in the use of black for shadows...what's this Jade? changed your mind already? Of course not, I'm combining the black so that it is not black. Sure you are. Shut up. Nyah.

So in a nutshell...I talk to my artwork. And it talks to me. And if it had a face, I'd probably slap it, those bastards.


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