Monday, August 14, 2006

Artist's Statement:

I lived in Atlanta before I came to boston. about a year before my family and I took the long drive from Fulton County ATL to Boston Massachusettes, I started becomng artistically concious. It never before struck me pay attention to any other artists. In a since, I didn't even know they existed. I was too interested in further exploring my own capabilities and artistic pontentials. When i started to hear about other artists, I heard about Picasso first, then Leonardo daVinci then Michael Angelo, and I figured out where that was going and that I was not interested in those types of people so I never paid much attention to art history because it did not connect with my lifestyle, beliefes, or with my interests. Picasso and the other artists that i got a first glimpse of gave me a not-so-enticing intro into the world of art history because i learned of these dead people as a fucking weirdos who thought there was something artistic about forcing themselves into a state of phycological torture and them commiting suicide, objecityig women, and fantasizing about insanities. I however came to see that there was so much more to that world, i just happen to learn about the wackos first. I found alot of artwork that i really liked by those artists that i didn't like, so i looked at them through my interpretation of their work intead of reading their life story or reading thier philosophical opinions and explanations of their work which made them loke so much better as people. As the years passed by, i continued drawing, then i moved up to painting and sculpture and so many other things. Once i discovered all these other mediums, I began to familiarize myself with as many as i can. Now I am free to exples myself through almost any medium partly due to the fact that i tend to be a perfectionist. I do art work to captur beauty, send a message, get something out of my system, or to please others or to make money. No matter what the reason is, the fact that I am a perfectionist affects each process of creating art that i go through. At times it makes me more satisfied because i worked harder, and at other times it slows me down because i am almost never completely happy with the final outcome of my work. I am not a fan of confining myself to I certain thing and i also make more use of people's opinions of their reaction to my work than for them to try to tell me that i was trying to make a particular statement through my work when i established that already within myself. This is because people, especial some art critics or mainstream art educators are afraid of or too uptight to accept the fact that some artists like myself do art sometime just to be visually appealing or to recreat a moment, not to make an underlying statement.


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