Monday, August 14, 2006

Artsy Fartsy Statment

I don't refer to my self as an artist. it just never felt right . i don't feel like what i do is work , for me
calling my self an artist is like calling my self a Breader, a sh!ter or an eater , i do all these things
true but it all comes natural to me like my art.
i'm creative in all sence of the word. i draw, cook , design (clothes, cd players, people...ect)
do hair, dance, photography (a little bit), computer crap, spoken word (poetry, prophormance)
... well u get the idea. whatever i could get my hands to use to express my self, i used.
i think art , true art is ..................................... what ever makes YOU happie.
its every thing and nada.

untill whenever sugha daddies and honey-dipped mammas



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