Thursday, August 03, 2006

HI sugah DaDies and Honey-Dipped mamas
Today i'm writing about a movie my Issues and Images class saw yesterday instead of going on our field trip because sugah DaDies and Honey-Dipped mamas it was to hot!!

The movie was Mattheh Barney's "Cremaster 5" and i hated it.
now i know that many other people in my class my have enjoyed it nd maybe i just didn't "get it" but i hated it just the same.

it was like watching a coke addicts dream.........scratch th@ a nightmare
the only thing felt was that i just wasted an half hour of my life watching this.
i got nothing out of this movie but rage 4 watching the whole thing and happie th@ i did not pay 2 see it.
i did not feel there was a real story to engadge myself into just some strange sh!t to sit through.

sorry th@ this is not a happie blog but it was so f@#king bad

Untill next time



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