Thursday, August 03, 2006

I don't understand how anyone can really get any pleasure out of Matthew Barney's film besides himself. It was almost like he just had a weird dream and decided to turn it into a movie. Everything was much too abstract and random. I understand the idea that each floor had obstacles and that the main character had to overcome them...but I feel like that idea is so over used in the media now a days, that it almost lost its meaning. I really didn't see a whole lot of American culture in this film. It's possible that the different groups represented conformity. The bubble bath girls, the can-can sheep girls, and the punks were all either identical or very similar to each other within their own groups. But even now reading that idea over to just seems way to complicated to even mean anything. He worked with a lot of mediums including music, dance, and various types of design. I can't say they all meshed real well together. To me it seemed like he was just trying too hard to fill in gaps. Overall this film made me feel extreme confusion and discomfort. I was actually kinda scared as I was watching it since it was so bizarre. Don't get me wrong...I love bizarre stuff...this film was just painfully weird.


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