Thursday, August 03, 2006

Le film d'hier qu'on a vu me semblait très bizarre. Il me semble qu'il y avait une autre, profonde signification de ce film, mais je ne l'ai pas vu. Pourtant, j'ai vu que l'artiste a utilisé quelques images pour montrer des idées compliquées et j'ai aimé qu'il n'a pas nous frapper sur la tête avec ses idées. He did not use words or dialogue, but rather movement and repetition, which are more powerful than if he had simply told us point blank what was on his mind. For example, in the film, there were certain references to American culture. The idea, for example of the sexy woman showing off something for sale, like a car by using her body to attract viewers, was used in the film, but much more exaggerated. In Barney's film the barely clothed women were definitely using their bodies to call our attention to the things on the pedestal that they were spinning, but there was a twist to the basic idea. The women wore only thongs and patches over their nipples, and the things that they were showing us could hardly be called normal; on the pedestal appeared a legless girl, a man all in pink with a kilt and blood coming out of his mouth, and some horrible travesty of a sheep puppet. The terrible "off-ness" of these objects, coupled with the sinister and screeching music, gives the audience an uneasy sensation. Barney is clearly testing our idea of what is uncomfortable, starting with the barely dressed girls, and then building the music, the man in pink, the legless woman, etc. To recap, Barney's use of the mediums music, human and inanimate sculpture, and outfits tests the audience's sense of discomfort.
Apart from discomfort, I also experienced confusion, frustration, and annoyance while watching The Order. The last two feelings stemmed from the second: confusion. During parts of the movie, while I could understand what was happening as in where people were moving and doing, but I just did not know why. The deeper meaning was lost for me. This led to frustration, because I really did want to understand the whole meaning for what it was without being told, but I simply could not. This frustration with myself turned into annoyance with the director, for it was easier to be mad at him for not being clear than mad at myself for being thick in the head. All in all, I'm not sure that I liked the film, because it did not give me pleasure, per se, but I have to say that I was fascinated and intrigued, which is definitely something.



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