Thursday, August 03, 2006

Matteh Barney- The Order.

Basicly we watched The Order yesterday. The movie demistrated many dementions of american culture. For example, sexuality, conforminty, and music. I mention these strictly because these were the most often and are so much a part of american culture. Barney obvously used film to create this video, and apon that there was melted wax, and that puzzel sort of art which he kept taking apart. Other mediums were the music and the insane arcutecher.What this movie was acutally trying to convey is beyond me, however this movie did make me feel like it was just random thoughts of a person who was tripping out. It was a weird experence and i am now aware that performance art is absoultely insane and you never know what is goin to exactly happen. i could never tell what was goin to happen next. it just made me feel like i was a part of a chaotic mess.


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