Thursday, August 03, 2006

Should art be useless? Or should it communicate an idea?
No, it shouldnt be useless, but it should communicate an idea/ an expression of some sort. It makes art more intestesting. If it didn't have any political or moral credability art wouldnt be around.

Can functional craft objecs be art?
Anything can be art, but what makes art interesting is the fact that there is some meaning behind it. If there is no meaning behind something, then what makes it art?

Can we all agree on what's beautiful?
Do we all share the same brain? No, so we def. all have different opinions on what is beautiful. Let me answer your question with another question: What if i thought a public toilet bowl was beautiful? Would you honestly agree with me?

Can art be ugly?
Well no form of art is perfect, everyone has dif. opinions. Just becuase one person like Van G's Starry Night becuase it georgeous, someone else might just see a whole bunch of crap, which makes it ugly to them. Some people might even like to make things ugly on purpose. Like i read about this guy who peed on a small metal cross in a cup and called it "art."


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