Monday, August 14, 2006


Both of my parents do some form of art so art has always been an influence art. however it is a new form for me. i have always had an art flare but i would never actually express it just to not be like my parents, but sure enough it came out anyways. I remeber when exactly i became intreseted in art, when i was a sophmore we had to do a project on a career we were intested in and find out everything we could about it. So i knew i always had a love for fashion and so i looked into all the careers having to do with fashion, stumbled apon fashion designer and desided to try it. I self taught my self how to design and once my mom found my drawings she signed me up for a class so i could really tell if i liked it. Which obvously i did. My mom is very supportive in my dream of being a fashion designer because when she was younge she waned to be one also. So she showed me her sketches from when she was younger and i got completely inspired and just started designing like crazy. my designs are very inspired by the 1950's but with a highly motern flare. I think that with time our innocents has withered and in the earlier times,such as the 1950's, they still had it and i personally feel and experess in my sketchs that we still should have some innocents today. I enjoy simplistiy but with a hint of complexity, as cliche as that sounds. i am absoulty inthroaled with fashion and what other people and my self are wearing. going out in public with me must be horrible just becuase im always commenting on what people are wearing, good or bad. I also lately have started being interested in the nude drawing. i really just find it intresting, and challenging because i have been taught to exagerate certain parts on the human figure for fashion design so it kind of brings me back to the reality of the figure. It helps me in knowing that peoples legs are littereally 80% of their body and arent all so skinny that you could see right threw them if they turned one way. being femine and fun but with a more funky flare is what exactly i like in fashion. it takes a certain mix for me to really like it because i know what i like.


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